Tech Stack

My main work-horse computer is a 16” M1 MacBook Pro. This one is kindly provided by my employer and is hands down the best computer I have ever worked with. I also have a 2018 MacBook Air that I bought out from my previous employer. It runs fine, but it’s mostly a combination paper weight and Plex Server. I also use an iPhone 13 and Apple Watch (Series 5). Yup, I’m 100% in the Apple “ecosystem” and I love it here (though I frequently think about the inevitable point in the future when I assemble a gaming PC). For a very long time I was working on building a 100% mobile system. I was successful (100% of my work could be done quite comfortably with just an iPhone and a bluetooth keyboard). As soon as that was settled — I abandoned the system immediately with the hope/goal to eventually write about it in depth as a separate blog post. That’s coming any time now! I promise. My main to-do app is OmniFocus, but the more overwhelmed I get, the simpler I have to make my system. Right now I’m on a “Notes for project management and Reminders for reminders” stage. When things break down completely I return to pen and paper and it always helps me get back on track but is never a sustainable way for me to run my shit. My podcast app of choice is Overcast. My DAW of choice is Ableton Live, but I frequently use Reason when I have to do something really simple and really quickly. I have a headphone problem. Which is to say that I own 8 different pairs, and the top 4 I use most frequently are:
  • AirPods Pro (all purpose)
  • Audio Technica MX40 (podcasting/music making)
  • PlayStation Gold headset (gaming)
  • EarPods (when I’m doing something sound/video related on my phone OR on my laptop outside of my home)
I do most of my writing in Drafts or Obsidian. Obviously this little garden (built using Montaigne) is 100% done in the Notes app. My main website is built using Hugo + Github + CloudFlare Pages. My blog runs on WordPress. I run on Coke, antidepressants, coffee, and savory oatmeal. This page is a work in progress. Once I’ve added everything I want to talk about, it’ll make it onto my main website: