Vampires, Horror Movies, and LGBTQ+

I’ve written before about how I like everything about horror movies except actually watching horror movies. I like the vibes, the music, the cult followings of some horror movies, the wiiiiiiide range of quality (from terrible indie films to amazing masterpieces), etc. I also, particularly like that horror movies seem to have always been less about “horror” and more about creating an isolated microcosm within a film/genre to explore real-life issues. One of these is obviously the oppression of the LGBTQ+ people and exploration of queerness and exploring the idea that “different does not mean bad”. This is where I’m planning to keep notes/links that relate to this topic. Eventually a blog post or video might come out (lol) of it, but for now I just want all the related information in one place. The Surprising Origins of Vampires